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3.11 ct. Lavender/Blue Sapphire

Several years ago, a beautiful array of fancy color sapphires began coming from Illakaka, Madagascar, and you may know that I am a HUGE fan of this material.  This gorgeous, unheated lavender/blue is unusually large for this location.  To maximize utilization of the precious rough, a custom step-cut shield design was created, having an oversized culet facet.  This semi-portrait style of cutting has become very popular in recent years.  This price per ct. is exceptionally low for such a large Illakaka sapphire as well, particularly one that is unheated.

3.11 ct. Lavender/Blue Sapphire

  • Gem ID: SAP591
    Origin: Ilakaka, Madagascar
    Weight: 3.11 ct.
    Size: 11.79 x 8.09 mm
    Clarity*: SI
    Treatments: None (unheated)


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