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Strive for Perfection (2016)

JL White Fine Gemstones is honored to be profiled in a book published by the Rolls-Royce Owners’ Club (RROC). Strive for Perfection was produced by London-based St. James’s House in partnership with the RROC. The book explores the legacy of the world’s most famous marque, Rolls-Royce. The book also profiles a number of luxury goods and service providers world-wide, selected based on their reputation for quality. Strive for Perfection features a two-page profile of JL White Fine Gemstones. Since publication, the book has been distributed to all RROC members nation-wide and has been placed in each Rolls-Royce and Bentley dealership around the world.

Gemstone Buying Guide (2016)

The completely revised third edition of Renee Newman's popular Gemstone Buying Guide prominently features the work of JL White Fine Gemstones. Renee uses photos of sapphires from JL White Fine Gemstones to illustrate the importance of superior cutting in her section on "judging cut quality" (p. 47). Other pieces featured include mint garnet (p. 81), tanzanite (p. 115), pink topaz (p. 117), rubellite tourmaline (p. 121), and additional photographs on the inside and outside of the back cover.

The Journal of Gemmology, Volume 34 / No. 8 (2015)

JL White Fine Gemstones was honored to be featured on the cover of a 2015 issue of The Journal of Gemmology - one of the world's most distinguished and respected gemological publications. Volume 34, No. 8 features a 3-page article on a recent find of unique purple garnet in Mozambique. In addition to the cover photograph, JL White Fine Gemstones contributed to the content of the paper, based on our experience cutting and working with the material since its discovery. The article characterizes the new find analytically and compares it to similar garnet varieties.

Exotic Gems, Volume 3 (2014)

This latest volume in Renee Newman's series of gem guides focuses primarily on tourmaline. Also covered in this volume are matrix opal, fire agate, and blue chalcedony. Photos of five tourmalines from JL White Fine Gemstones are utilized as illustrations in the guide: chrome tourmaline (cover, p. 51), rough and cut mint tourmaline (p. 53), golden tourmaline (p. 67), and two bicolor tourmalines (p. 70, 71). Exotic Gems, Volume 3 is available at most major book retailers.

Rare Gemstones: How to Identify, Evaluate, and Care for Unusual Gems (2012)

Several of our gems are featured in a new gem buying guide by noted author Renee Newman, GG. Rare Gemstones: How to Identify, Evaluate, and Care for Unusual Gems, is a buying guide offering in-depth study of a number of less common gem types. Photos of several stones from JL White Fine Gemstones are used as illustrations in the guide: sphene (cover), apatite (p.13, 14), white and neon yellow danburite (p. 33), and chrome / traditional sphene (p.83, 85). Rare Gemstones: How to Identify, Evaluate, and Care for Unusual Gems is available at most major book retailers.

"CUT & POLISHED: When it comes to gemstones, sometimes less is more." Jewellery Business Magazine (June, 2012)

This article, featured in Canada's Jewellery Business Magazine, discusses the positive impact of a well-cut gem on customer appeal. Specifically, gem recutting is discussed, with the pro's and con's presented. Geared toward the designer and jewelry professional, this article carefully weighs the aesthetic and corresponding price benefits against the obvious issue of weight loss. The large unheated blue sapphire at left, recut by JL White Fine Gemstones, is featured as an example of the dramatic effect that recutting can have.

Exotic Gems, Volume 2 (2011)

Several of our gems were featured in Renee Newman's excellent gemstone evaluation guide: Exotic Gems, Volume 2. This is a full-color guide to identifying and evaluating alexandrite, andalusite, chrysoberyl, cat's-eye, kyanite, sillimanite, common opal, fire opal, dinosaur gembone, tsavorite, rhodolite, spessartine, demantoid, malaya, grossular, and other garnets. This is the second in a series of books that explores the history, lore, properties, qualities and geographic sources of lesser-known gems.

Photos of several stones from JL White Fine Gemstones are used as illustrations in the guide: chrysoberyl (two examples, p. 14) and grossular garnet (p. 141). Exotic Gems, Volume 2 is available at most major book retailers.

"White On." MJSA Journal (May, 2011)

In the May, 2011 edition of the Journal of the Manufacturing Jewelers and Suppliers of America, an article entitled "White On" explores the differences between working with tarnish-resistant silver alloys versus standard sterling silver. Featured in this article is a lovely silver brooch by the talented Julia Kay Taylor, containing a pear-cut rhodolite garnet by JL White Fine Gemstones.

"A Cut Above." Jewellery Business Magazine (June, 2009)

The June, 2009 issue of Jewellery Business Magazine featured an article entitled "A Cut Above," written by award-winning gem cutter John Dyer. This excellent 6-page article discusses the features and benefits that precision-cut gems provide to the jewelry designer and consumer.

In addition to the work of the author, "A Cut Above" features gems cut by several other award-winning gem cutters, including Jeff White (the spinel and yellow grossular garnet at left)

Awards Coverage and Miscellaneous

The award-winning gems of JL White Fine Gemstones have been featured in a number of other publications not highlighted individually above, including Prism (the magazine of the American Gem Trade Association), Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist, Colored Stone Magazine, The Tucson Show Guide, and educational materials from the American Gem Trade Association.

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