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Customer comments about the custom cutting of Jeff White

Customer Comments

Below are some comments that our customers, both old and new, have made about their experiences with J.L. White Fine Gemstones.

Much of the pleasure that we derive from this business comes from knowing that we have provided a product that is above and beyond expectations. If you are pleased with your experience with Jeff White and J.L. White Fine Gemstones, be sure to tell us about it! If there are things we can improve upon to better serve you, please let us know that as well.

Hi Jeff, I am absolutely delirious with jet lag after returning from a business trip but I just needed to turn on my computer and email you!!!!

My mint garnet is divine - the cut and colour are both exactly as I had hoped, and the size is perfect! My first step-cut gem, and I am in LOVE!

I literally shrieked with joy and my fiance absolutely loves it. He resisted the urge to open my package before I arrived home so we could unveil my new gem together, his words were "that is AWESOME!" I already have a beautiful art deco inspired piece in mind for this one - so exciting.

Thank you again Jeff, it has been an absolute pleasure as always.

- M. Hlaing, Australia

Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring

Hi Jeff -

My name is A. (full name omitted for privacy) and you worked with my fiance Matthew on my engagement ring.

I just wanted to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU, for the beautiful work you did on this stone. It is, without a doubt, the most spectacularly cut gemstone I have EVER seen. I have received so many compliments on it.

It seems that no matter what light I'm in, it sparkles away because is so perfectly cut. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to what you do - it truly shows!

- A. Patel, Connecticut

Finally able to stay put long enough to open the package containing the 2 stones. Very very nice gems. Your cutting is outstanding. Being a cutter myself, I can truly appreciate the quality of rough you have access to and the attention you give to each stone with your cutting and polishing.

I have bought cut stones from other well known faceters, but I would have to say that yours consistently exceed my expectations. Maybe I've got a better eye ( trained eye ) than most gem buying customers, probably due to being a faceter, but all the stones I've purchased from you through the years have consistently had a bit more attention to detail in design, meets and polish.

I'm not knocking the other faceters as they cut fabulous stones also (and I'm very pleased with my purchases), I'm just saying the little "extra time" you put in to each stone,....clearly shows. Well done !!!!

- J. Sutherland, Michigan

Hi Jeff

Thank you so much for the sapphire! It arrived safely just before the 4th of July holiday, and I have not had a chance to thank you until now! I love it, it is so perfectly cut, and I really appreciate all the time and effort you made to getting it so beautiful. It is orders of magnitude better than the rough stone you showed me in pictures, and I can't even believe it is the same stone! This just proves how important a good cut is, and I am very glad that we decided to work with the best lapidarist :-) It was definitely worth the wait!

I am trying to take some pictures of it before the insurance is finalized and I get it set in an engagement ring setting. I'm not a pro at photography, but I have to say that my photos simply don't do it justice! Thank you again for all of your work. You've been very professional and punctual, and your customer service has been excellent. I would definitely refer you and keep you in mind for future colored gemstone purchases!

- M. Sun, Missouri

Merelani Mint Garnet


I love it - really, it is flipping phenomenal! You did such a beautiful job that I can't believe such a stone even exists. I have never seen anything light up like it - it's a colored stone, and it makes rainbows in the sunlight! I didn't get to play with it until this evening, but the color was so intense as the sun was setting that I can't wait to see it in other lights too :-)

The stone is an amazing success - I don't think you'll ever see it again! Thank you so much!

- Michelle W., District of Columbia

We are engaged! And she LOVES her ring and particularly the stone. We both do. Thank you so much for your wonderful service. I feel like I got something that was actually worth what I paid for. We are ecstatic and very grateful.

Thanks for all your help, Jeff!

- A. Enter, Wisconsin

I just received my new topaz today and have spent the hours since just staring at it in total amazement. It is exquisite!!!

I do love it and I can't tell you how happy I am with it and how grateful I am to you for making it for me. I feel truly flattered. And it is beautifully executed! It is poetry in gem. I am awed by your work and by your craft. I can't gush enough, so please forgive me.

I am so pleased to have made your acquaintance. You have been such a special person to work with and I do hope that this will not be the last opportunity that I have to ask of your craft.

- M. Kimber, Utah

Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring


Well, your work is simply superb!...

I had a diamond engagement ring for a the past 2 years and this one for only a week or so. And I'll tell you that I have received more compliments on this ring from random strangers in the past week than I ever did with my diamond (and it was even a nice diamond!).

Thanks Jeff!

- C. Langton, Wisconsin

Dear Jeff,

We wanted to express our gratitude for your professionalism, expertise, patience, and most of all, your talent. You have made our search for that special sapphire easy - your attention to our questions definitely eased our minds in making such a large purchase, especially over the internet! The cut that you have custom designed for us is really beyond anything we have ever imagined.

Your touch is what really made this a truly special and rare stone for us. We can't thank you enough for being a part of this important stage in our lives and for helping us choose and for creating the sapphire that will signify our bond to one another...

Many, many thanks!

- P. and T. Davidson, Australia

Thanks for the Montana Sapphire! I had wanted one for the longest time but could never find the right one. This one fulfils all my dreams. I do not think you could find that colour in any other gem.

Thanks again!

- C. B., Japan

Custom Cut Spessartite Garnet

Hi Jeff,

The stone arrived and I am beyond thrilled. It is just gorgeous. In fact, it's among the most gorgeously cut gemstones I have ever seen. When I give it to my mom I'm going to go through withdrawal! But at the same time I can't wait for her to see it.

It was a real pleasure working with you, and I'll definitely be getting in touch next time I have some funds for a project.

Thanks so much for your great suggestions, your quick and friendly service, and of course most of all for sharing your skill and artistry in creating this beautiful treasure.

- N. Mayer, Illinois

Dear Jeff,

I just got back from the custom jewelry design studio that is going to set my sapphire. I want you to know how excited the jeweler was by the stone. He raved about the quality of the sapphire and the cut, which he had never seen before.... It is so beautiful. The setting is very simple with a raised bezel in white gold. The setting really emphasizes the striking cut. The sapphire just sparkles. Sometimes it is a dark blue, other times a light blue, always gorgeous! I can't stop looking at it. Thanks so much.

- A. Paul, North Carolina

First of all - WE LOVE THE STONE!!!!! It is beautiful and has such glow and fire we loved it as soon as we saw it…. I finally got the "official" appraisal in the mail today, and the cut tsavorite is valued at twice the price we paid you!!!! We are so happy!! Not only do we have the stone we wanted, but at a significant savings too! Thank you so much for helping to make my dream wedding ring come to "life". It is the fire and sparkle and cut of the stone that will always make my ring a one and only. You can be sure we will recommend you to any of our friends looking for a spectacular stone without the worry of being taken advantage of by a "retail" jeweler. The next time we are looking for a stone of any property, we will be in touch with you.

Best wishes and THANK YOU!!

- L. Bond, Florida

Precision-Cut Blue Sapphire

Jeff - I am shaking! We just unwrapped our new Jeff White creation and my hands are trembling! First of all , it arrived in perfect condition!

We opened it together in front of our kitchen window, to let in as much light as possible. Even while still in it's case, it was shimmering! We were mesmorized by it. Your cuttting is more than amazing. I thought sapphires are not supposed to sparkle like tanzanites, but whatever you did there with all your 118 cuts, you made this baby sparkle and reflect so many colours! The very first thought we both had was regarding the colour. I was secretly worried about it being too light - as in almost like a light blue topaz. But No Way Jose. This colour is medium and as close to the cornflower blue that was in our minds as possible!...

Looking at it from all different angles, we could see every little cut you made , then a glance at the bottom and from the side and we were in awe of the symmetry... It is a perfect cut. Right at this minute I have it next to me in the computer room and it is twinkling even with not the best overhead lighting!...It is the most beautifully cut sapphire we have ever seen, and we have been looking for over two years now!

Unless they got it from you, nobody in Toronto has anything close. Even in the finest jewellery stores here, not one had an unheated sapphire to offer us!... This one is so unique and very very special for us. I am not a person who collects all different stones. This is not just another one of my collection. This has now become a prized possession. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Not only did you create a gorgeous center stone for my new ring, but working with you through this whole experience over the last few months has been fun, stress-free, and exciting! I will miss our email banter but hopefully we will still have lots to talk about until this whole process is complete.

If I ever require another stone, I will be very very happy to deal with you again. We will definitely recommend you to anyone without hesitation. You are a man of your word from start to finish. I especially love that you yourself were passionate about working on this particular creation. Thank you sooo much Jeff. You should be very proud of yourself!

- J. G., Canada

Hi Jeff,

Just to let you know that the stone arrived safely, and we're both very happy with it! It's a little darker than I had been originally looking for, but I think that's due to the saturation of colour, which is beautiful. And as for the cut, I don't think I could be happier - looking forward to many hours of staring into its depths once I get it set.

I think people have thought I was a little crazy waiting this long for a 'perfect' stone, but everyone's been stunned at the precision of the final result. So thanks so much! It's certainly given me a taste for future purchases - we've got a baby due in early Nov, and depending on when he/she/it arrives, I could be on the lookout for a birth month stone to celebrate the occasion.

Until then, thank you so much, it's been a real pleasure to work with you, and I'm sure it won't be the last time!

- N. Atkinson, Australia

Holy moses!

Jeff, that is the nicest purple spinel I have ever seen. You're a true artist in your cutting. The grossular is so rich, what an interesting cut. Looks like very fine crystal. I bet that stone sparkles. I love them both.

- A. Paul, North Carolina

The sapphire just arrived not even five minutes ago- the mail man probably thought I was crazy running down the driveway! When we opened the box, I was absolutely stunned. It looks even better than I imagined. The color is beyond words, the light that comes back is striking, its clarity is pristine- I couldn’t have asked for a better gem for my engagement ring. We are both so happy with it, and if we have another project sometime down the road I will not hesitate to shoot you an e-mail.

You have been a joy to work with! Thank you for this treasure.

- K. Archambault, Michigan

Custom cut chrome sphene, aquamarine, and pink topaz gemstones

Hi Jeff,

I got the package and I am stunned! They are beautiful. I love them all. The aqua is such a bright blue (not grey or dull like most aqua), the pink topaz is unbelievable, the chrome sphene is a little ball of fire and the color and cut on that yellow beryl is fantastic. WOW on all counts.

They were pretty in the pics but are so much better in person. Now if you ever get anything big in, you have to let me know (and don't forget about the spess!). Sorry I'm already asking for more. I think it might be cheaper if I just adopt you. ;)

- K. McGuinness, Canada

Hi Jeff!

I'd say that breathtaking is an understatement for the sapphire color! The color is even better than what I had in mind. You really made the stone come ALIVE! I'll have to rethink the way I propose. There's no way that my girlfriend will hear a word, if she sees the sapphire ring first. The Malaya Garnet is equally amazing in the way it reflects light! Your cutting skills are phenomenal!

I will definitely be taking you up on your offer for another stone in the future. It has been a pleasure doing business with you. MUCH thanks for creating such a beautiful stone for one of the most important rings that I will buy.

- S. Ellis, Arizona


My sapphire - its, well its simply breathtaking. Honestly, I am blown away. The photos gave me a good idea that you had nailed it, but I never could have anticipated how incredibly beautiful my "blue beauty" is in person. You were absolutely spot on with the shade of blue that I asked for, and I'm amazed at how this sapphire performs and holds its bright blue colour in every light. Today when I opened the package in afternoon sunlight - just stunning, an incredible play of bright rich blues! After the sun had gone down and under home spot lighting - still rich blue and sparkling like crazy.

I had the good fortune to be going to a Birthday dinner at a restaurant tonight - (restaurant lighting, yay!) - so at night time, with no obvious light source, walking from the carpark - my gem is shining like a bright blue beacon - my poor Fiance, how many times tonight he has heard "But wow, just look bub!!" Of course, all dinner I was distracted by the sparkle coming off my new treasure, and even in direct strong lighting it doesn't go all dark and still flashes royal blue. Of course, you know exactly how this guy performs, why am I telling you?! ha ha. I just hope I can convey my excitement and appreciation.

Sooo...ummmm...I think you can tell that I like it? lol... Honestly, it is the most beautiful sapphire - actually make that the most beautiful *gem* I have seen, and I feel privileged to be able to own it and enjoy it daily. Thank you so much for finding and creating for me such an amazing treasure!

- Talia M., Australia

Precision-Cut Chrysoberyl and diamond ring


I still can not get over how beautiful my stone is. My sister saw the ring for the first time when we sent out to dinner together.

She said nothing in a retail jewelry store could "touch" the quality & beauty of my stone & ring made by someone you recommended. I have not had it appraised yet, but I will!

- J. Jones, North Carolina

Dear Jeff,

WOW!!! What a GORGEOUS stone! Now, I'll bet many, many people have written and told you that, but believe me-- it is just so amazing to hold such a beautiful thing in the light and know that an actual person made that beauty happen. I really thank you so much for this. I keep taking it out of the box and looking at it in different lighting.

It is so sparkly and I can't wait to have it set. Funny, I thought I would get it just to see what it would look like, never imagining it could be so flashy and magical. I have been looking at engagement rings and haven't really found anything that was super exciting. I've looked at diamond asschers and honestly, they aren't any nicer than your danburite. Since I don't wear rings when my hands might get banged, I am pretty certain I want to use this as my engagement ring. I love it that much! I'm not so sure about side stones now, as it is a pretty good size and I really think your stone deserves to stand out.

I really want to thank you for your wonderful talent and workmanship. I am so happy with this stone and I am looking forward to working with you again in the coming year.

- C. Recchia, Pennsylvania

Square Cushion Pink Spinel Gem

Hello Jeff!

I was finally able to pick up my spinel from the post office (super fast delivery by the way!) and it is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! It has so much sparkle (amazing performance!) and the pink colour is lovely, exactly as you described!

Words cannot describe how happy I am - it was definitely worth the wait :-)

If you come across a nice rough of a buttercup yellow stone (maybe a sapphire?) please send an email my way, now that I own a Jeff White gem I can't wait to have another one!

Thank you so much!

- M. Hlaing, Australia

Howdy JW,

Your creation arrived in Denver yesterday but unfortunately I missed it. I did however get it bright and early this morning and I'm stunned by your craft. Everyone that's beheld the stone has been speechless by its aura. When I find the proper words to thank you for what you created you'll be hearing from me. But until then I'll say that you have no peer!

After examining the sapphire I'm curious as to how many cuts it took to create that sparkle? I wasn't expecting the pronounced color shift from dark to light blue but damn isn't it stunning to take in!

- Patrick, Colorado

Hello Jeff!

This is Patrick's fiancee, Elizabeth. I wanted to take a moment to share a deep and heartfelt thanks with you for the stone we got is truly stunning! As soon as Patrick had it he rushed it over to show me and my parents - I'm sure you're not surprised to hear my mother and I both fawned over it and carried it to every different type of light we could find to see different "angles of sparkle". Everyone was wowed. More importantly...most importantly...thank you for helping be a part of the most important event in my life thus far. Words can't truly describe what it means to me that the ring I will wear for the rest of my life will be crowned with such a special and unique piece...I could have never dreamed something so beautiful and one-of-a-kind would be created for me. Thank you thank you thank you!

- Elizabeth, Colorado

Emeralds, both rough and custom-cut

I was able to pick the emerald up from the post office today. You'll never get it back. Neither will anyone else. Or maybe when they pry it out of my cold, dead hands!

PS: It's wonderfully gorgeous.

- J. Dudek, Michigan

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