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Our Mobile App

We are always looking for ways to improve the interaction experience for our customers and visitors.  As a result, we are excited to offer a powerful new tool:  the JL White Fine Gemstones Mobile App!

Read on below learn about a few of the key features of the app, which is provided completely free of charge (and with no annoying in-app advertisements, etc.).

This is a new tool and one that we intend to build on further in the future, with even more capabilities for our customers.  To help ensure that we continue to enhance the app in the most meaningful way, please give us your feedback!

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Instant Gem Scoop Notifications

The most frequent concern that we hear from our Gem Scoop subscribers is that they may not always receive our newsletters when they are sent.  We utilize a very robust newsletter management platform, and it does an excellent job sending the newsletter to those who have signed up to receive it.  Unfortunately, we have no control over what the email client receiving the email does with it!  Because the newsletter goes out to such a large audience, it sometimes gets interpreted as "spam" by those email clients and gets filtered out (either to a "promotional" inbox or directly into trash/spam).

With the new JL White Fine Gemstones Mobile App, you can have complete control over this issue and never have to miss out on the Gem Scoop again!  If/when prompted, just be sure to enable the app's notification feature.  Not only will you get a notification the instant the newsletter goes out, but you can simply click on the notification message on your phone to be taken directly to the Members' Area.  From there, you can even send an email to us instantly, directly through the app!  Just use the "Quick Contact" function to activate your email client with a draft email pre-addressed to our Gem Scoop address.

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Fast Access to

Rather than opening up your browser and navigating to the site, you can go there with one click, without ever leaving the app!  You'll have the full functionality of the website at your fingertips, while still maintaining the ability to jump back to the main app at any time.

Ready to download?  Just click on the appropriate link below from your mobile device:

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Project Center

Would you like to have a nice, "one-stop shop" right on your mobile device to help you learn a bit more about a gem you're interested in, to help get some inspiration for that next custom gem project, or to even start the custom cutting discussion with us?  The app's "Project Center" is intended to:

  • Provide some basic information and insight about aspects of gemology that a consumer should find particularly helpful

  • Provide information about and example photos of a number of the most popular colored gems that we work with

  • Give quick and easy access to the "Available Gems" section of, to determine if we may already have what you're looking for

  • Provide a gallery full of jewelry created with our gems, if you're looking for some inspiration

  • Offer a "guided" project launch point, prompting you for all the information that we'll need to get a custom gem cutting project going.  The app will even send us an email with all the information you provide!

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