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5.14 ct. Purple Tourmaline

Tourmaline is a gem that comes in just about every color imaginable!  That is, except purple.  OK, that isn't exactly true, but purple is one of the absolute rarest colors in tourmaline, especially in tourmalines that are not copper-bearing (Paraiba-type).  This round was purchased as a piece of cuprian/copper-bearing tourmaline in the rough, but upon analysis, it was found to be traditional elbaite with no copper!  It is very dark and could probably be lightened with heating, but that would be a risky endeavor with the inclusions it contains.  This would be perfect for the collector of super-unusual gems, as I don't believe I've come across another true purple tourmaline of this size and clarity that was not copper-bearing.

5.14 ct. Purple Tourmaline

  • Gem ID: TML344
    Origin: Nigeria
    Weight: 5.14 ct.
    Size: 10.38 x 10.38 mm
    Clarity*: SI/VS
    Treatments: None


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