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1.79 ct. Bluegreen Sapphire

Many people aren't aware that some of the finest sapphires in the world come from right here in the USA!  Montana has several different deposits of sapphire, each with a somewhat unique character and range of colors.  One of my absolute favorite Montana sapphire sources is Rock Creek, where this bluegreen beauty is from.  I love the delicate greenish-blue of this one.  It is also extremely-clean, with the only inclusions to speak of being a shimmer of silk due to its unheated state.  As with all Montana sapphires, this one shifts from a brighter greenish-blue to a more subdued, steely color in indoor lighting.

1.79 ct. Bluegreen Sapphire

  • Gem ID: SAP987
    Origin: Rock Creek, Montana
    Weight: 1.79 ct.
    Size: 6.79 x 6.79 mm
    Clarity*: VS
    Treatments: None (unheated)


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