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Other Gemstones

Various gem types are represented in this gallery, from apatite to zircon and many in between. The gemstone varieties presented here range from the relatively-common to the exceptionally-rare. You will find them grouped together by gem type and in alphabetical order. Enjoy!

A few helpful hints about using the gallery:

  • Hover over an image to see more information about the specific gemstone

  • Hovering will also reveal additional features:

    • Heart icon - If you like a photo, be sure to let us know!

    • Download icon - Clicking will allow you to easily save the image to your computer.  This can be useful if you'd like to have these photos as a reference when communicating color, cut, or other specifics to us.

    • Share icon - Click to easily share this photo on your social feed or send via email.

  • Clicking on the image itself will bring up a full-size photo of the gemstone, along with additional information

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