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Welcome to the Members' Area for the 9/29/20 edition of the Gem Scoop Newsletter!

News and Announcements

If you missed the big news, last month we launched the first-ever JL White Fine Gemstones Mobile App!  It is now available worldwide on the App Store and Google Play.

We hope to grow this tool in a variety of ways to continue to give our customers the best possible experience.  One of the very first features that we wanted to implement was an instant notification service for the Gem Scoop.

Have you ever been frustrated by having our Gem Scoop email treated like spam by your email provider and filtered out of your inbox?  Or maybe its delivery was delayed (or you were not in front of your email when the newsletter went out)?  Missing out on gems as a result of these issues is one of the most-frequently mentioned frustrations that our subscribers have communicated.

To help prevent this issue, we launched Mobile Alert system a couple years ago (utilizing text messages), but it too had numerous deliverability issues that were outside our control.  With our new mobile app, you never have to worry about this again!  Just download the app and be sure to allow notifications, and you'll receive an instant alert on your mobile device as soon as the newsletter is sent.  You can even go straight to the Members' Area with one click, right inside the app!

Many of you have already installed the app and are likely here because of that instant notification feature.  If you haven't yet given it a whirl, feel free to click on the appropriate link below to get started!


Please note that you will still receive the email version of the newsletter too, even if you install the app.  Signing up for one doesn't "unsubscribe" you from the other.  We have received a few questions about this, so I wanted to provide clarification.

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This Edition's New Gems

For more information about and photos of any particular gem, just click on its image below.


Please remember these important points about placing an order: Please reply to the GemScoop email address with your selection(s) or any questions you may have, and please be sure to provide a phone number at which you may be reached in the event of email disruption.  Alternatively, you may email us directly from the gem detail page by clicking on the "Contact us about this gem" button.


  • Are there several gems that interest you, but you only intend to purchase one? If so, please indicate your order preference. If your first preference has already sold, we would be happy to reserve your second preference, etc.

  • Please remember that even if a gem is marked as "sold" or "sale pending," feel free to contact us to express interest in purchasing, as sometimes the initial purchase does not go through for various reasons.


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