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Fancy colors of sapphire, in both cut and rough forms.  Featured is a round brilliant purple sapphire cut by Jeff White
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Exceptional Gemstones

Cut with precision in the USA

An Obsession with Quality

Precision cut sapphire, alongside a ball-point pen to illustrate the quality of Jeff White's gem cutting

J.L. White Fine Gemstones is dedicated to offering the finest in precision-faceted colored gems to consumers world-wide. Jeff White, an award-winning gem cutter with almost three decades of experience, personally facets each gemstone sold. His passion for producing the highest quality product possible has become the hallmark of our business. With an adeptness for combining expert cutting with designs that maximize the overall visual appeal of each gem, we have developed a reputation for being able to bring out the very best in these most rare and precious gifts of nature.

Regardless of whether you are a seasoned jeweler, designer, or collector, or whether you're brand-new to this and are just looking for that perfect sapphire for an engagement ring, we can help you find the perfect gemstone to meet your needs.

If you share our passion for quality in colored gems, contact us today and let us know what we can create for you!

Multiple Ways to Meet your Specific Needs

Mint Garnet and Diamond Ring

Please take some time to browse our site from top to bottom!  However, the shortcuts below can be used to quickly access the most important information about what we have to offer:

Click here to browse our selection of finished (or pre-cut) gems.  Each gem was cut personally by Jeff White.

The VAST majority of our extensive inventory consists of rough that has not been cut but is available for commissioning.  Custom gem cutting constitutes the majority of our business, and anyone (regardless of knowledge or experience) can have something cut.  Click here to learn more about the process.  If needed, we can also recommend some amazing jewelry designers to turn your finished gem into the stunning piece of jewelry you've been dreaming of.

Gem Scoop Newsletter Logo

Regardless of the nature of your particular need, you should consider signing up for our Gem Scoop Newsletter.  Doing so gives you a "first chance" to purchase pre-cut gems upon initial offering, as well as opportunities to reserve special new rough for custom cutting before anyone else.  Click here for more information about the newsletter, or click here to go directly to signup.

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