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Fancy sapphire rough, available for custom cutting

As a Gem Scoop member, you'll be the first to hear about new and exciting rough available for cutting - like this stunning parcel of fancy sapphire from Madagascar.

Precision-cut mint tourmaline, cut in a square cushion

We dig deep into our extensive inventory in preparation for each newsletter to select some exceptional pieces of rough (like this tourmaline). Jeff then facets them to his exacting standards for our subscribers.

Custom cut Mahenge Garnet in an amazing engagement ring

This stunning mahenge garnet ring is just one example of the incredible pieces of jewelry our Gem Scoop subscribers have created with their Gem Scoop purchases.

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One of the primary reasons we've built this app is to improve Gem Scoop mailing reliability.  Overly-aggressive spam filters have made it harder and harder to ensure our newsletter makes it to your inbox. With this app on your phone, you'll never have to worry about that again.  You'll receive a notification on your phone, the instant the Gem Scoop is published!  What's more, you can view the Members' Area and order a gem, right from the app! 


Would you like to receive a text message whenever a Gem Scoop Newsletter is sent? In an effort to provide even more options for our subscribers to connect reliably with us, we are happy to offer this optional service. This can be especially helpful if you are one of our subscribers whose email provider sometimes blocks or delays delivery of the newsletter email. Just text the word GEMSCOOP to the number below that corresponds to your location. That's it! When a newsletter is sent, you'll immediately receive a text. You can even send a text reply to place an order if you'd like. Is your country not listed? please contact us for options.

United States: +1 443 403 5403
Canada: +1 226 212 0993
Australia: +61 488 826 629
United Kingdom: +44 7418 310306

As with the general email service, we respect your privacy and will only use your mobile number to send these mobile alerts. While we offer this as a free service, your carrier's standard messaging rates will apply.

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